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Hi-Way Harry's Steakhouse
710 Glover Lane
Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Information: 920.699.9999
Reservations: 920.699.9999
General: 920.699.7777
Fax: 920.699.1000


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House Of Greens

Harry’s Signature Salad m
Grilled chicken atop fresh mixed greens with fresh tomatoes, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and Harry’s own breaded onion straws    11.95
Substitute sirloin, shrimp or salmon    14.95*

Strawberry Spinach Salad m
Grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, strawberries,candied walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette on a fresh bed of spinach    13.95

Mandarin Chicken Salad m
Grilled chicken breast with crispy greens, candied almonds, celery and green onions, topped with mandarin oranges, tossed with our very own orange vinaigrette dressing    13.95

Caesar Salad m
Caesar dressing tossed with Romaine lettuce and topped with grilled chicken, fresh parmesan cheese, croutons, tomatoes and egg    10.95
Substitute sirloin, shrimp or salmon    13.95

Cashew Chicken Salad
All white chicken salad with green olives, celery and cashews served with fresh greens and topped with cheddar cheese and bacon bits    12.95

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad m
Fresh Ahi Tuna atop a spring mix with red potatoes and Roma tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette    14.95*


The Sandwich Board

All sandwiches are served with a choice of French fries, sweet potato fries or a house salad

Harry’s Signature Burger
Ground beef mixed with special seasonings and hand pressed into a thick and juicy eight ounce burger that will leave you wanting more.
Served with your choice of Cheddar, American, Swiss, Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce and tomato    9.95*

Harry’s Catfish Sandwich m
Harry’s famous pan fried catfish filet on a hoagie roll and served with tartar sauce    10.95

Grilled Chicken Club m
Grilled chicken breast, bacon and Monterey Jack cheese accompanied with a side of mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato    9.95

Harry’s Classic Burger m
A thick and juicy half pound burger served with lettuce, tomato and two toppings (additional toppings $1 each)    9.95*
Cheddar, American, Swiss, Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack cheese
Bacon, onion, mushroom, salsa

Monterey Chicken Pita m
Chicken breast smothered with Monterey Jack cheese, sautéed mixed peppers and onions served on a warm pita with a side of cranberry mayonnaise    10.95

Philadelphia Sandwich m
Shaved beef or turkey grilled and covered with melted Monterrey Jack cheese, smothered with sautéed onions and green peppers    10.95


Dockside Features

Ahi Tuna Steak m
Pan seared Ahi Tuna served on a bed of spring mix and drizzled with a balsamic reduction    18.50*

Gulf Shrimp m
Succulent and savory gulf shrimp prepared either broiled or Panko breaded    19.95

Pan-Fried Catfish
An eight ounce catfish filet, seasoned and lightly pan-fried    15.95

Fish Tacos m
Three deep-fried cod filets served in a flour tortilla with sides of lettuce, avocado, cheddar cheese, red cabbage, onion, black olives, chipotle mayonnaise, sour cream and salsa    14.95

Atlantic Salmon m
Salmon filet broiled and served on a cedar plank with a lemon dill compound butter    17.95

Key West Tilapia m
Tilapia seasoned with lemon, thyme and basil and either pan fried in a herb butter sauce or delicately broiled to perfection    16.95


A Taste of Italy

Chicken Alfredo
Chicken sautéed with broccoli and mushrooms and served with our homemade Alfredo sauce and fettuccini noodles    14.95
Substitute Shrimp    16.95

Signature Pasta
Penne pasta tossed with chicken, fresh basil, garlic and diced tomatoes in our creamy Alfredo sauce    14.95

Shrimp Capellini
Tantalizing pasta tossed with parmesan cheese, fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes and shrimp, smothered in a white wine and garlic cream sauce    16.95

Pasta and Meatballs
Homemade meatballs and marinara sauce served over linguine noodles    12.95

Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli
Cheese filled ravioli served with our homemade alfredo sauce, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and white wine    14.95
Add chicken  16.95  or shrimp  17.95


Harry’s Specialties

Steakhouse Sirloin m
A house favorite!  Eight ounces of tender and juicy center cut top butt steak prepared to your liking    16.95*

Petite Filet Mignon m
Six ounce tender and juicy filet served with Hollandaise sauce    24.95*
Add bacon wrapping for 1.50 extra

Prime Rib m
Slow cooked, delicious and tender Prime Rib seasoned with our own special house rub
Twelve ounces 21.95*    Sixteen ounces 26.95*

Black Angus Ribeye m
Sizzling fourteen ounces of USDA certified Black Angus ribeye steak grilled to your taste preference    23.95*

New York Strip m
Fourteen BIG ounces of hearty flavor and robust taste…the steak lovers favorite    19.95*

Pork Filet Bacon Wrapped m
Two five ounce pork filets wrapped in bacon and broiled to perfection    16.95

Pork Baby Back Ribs m
Slow cooked and tender ribs topped with zesty barbecue sauce
Half Rack 16.95    Full Rack 21.95

Chicken Parmesan
Tender chicken breast fried with Panko breadcrumbs and served on a bed of our homemade marinara sauce and topped with parmesan cheese    15.95

Caribbean Jerk Chicken m
Chicken breast glazed with barbeque sauce and Caribbean Jerk seasoning and served over wild rice    14.95


Extras from Harry’s Stock Pot and Garden
Cup of Soup    4.00 - Caesar Salad or Side Salad    4.00 - Bowl of Soup    5.00 - Wedge Salad    7.00

*Eating undercooked fish or meat may increase your risk of food-bourne illness
mThese menu items are either Gluten Free as prepared, or are modified to be Gluten Free

All Prices Subject to Change without notice